Solidaridad Internacional País Valenciano is an NGO that works for justice, equity and Human Rights.

Our mission is to promote social inclusion and empathy in the community. We defend and promote attention to basic needs, autonomy and personal development of people at risk of social inclusion. 

The main objective of the Association to help alleviate social inequalities, with special emphasis on educational and childhood projects through awareness and training of students of the EEA on issues of solidarity, respect for the individual, the environment and financing projects of sustainable development.


Nazaret is an Entity of Social Action for the minors and the family, of public use and private management, with extensive experience.

Iaia is a group of people which organizes and coordinates activities related to the Therapy of work (knitting, crochet, etc.), aimed primarily at older people, both experienced and eager to learn.

MÁS QUE IDEAS Foundation promotes horizontal, creative, sustainable, ethical and rigorous projects in collaboration with the different socio-health agents for a global, coordinated and sustainable action in the field of health.

Centro Ocupacional Maigmó is a non-profit organization for people with intellectual disabilities.

Proyecto Hombre offer solutions in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of drug addictions and other addictions. It works three main areas: the prevention of drug use in different areas, the rehabilitation and reintegration of drug addicts.

The purpose of Nuevo Futuro is the fostering and human and social promotion of children and young people deprived of a normal family environment or who for any reason are in fact out of a family life organized, in order to promote its integral development through individualized attention.