ASERTOS - From Occupants to Inhabitants: Transforming Lives in an Inclusive Way

We want to transform the lives of the inhabitants of the Cemetery and the Northern Zone of Alicante by including them into each step of the transformation. We propose a process of habitat reform as a means of social inclusion, both housing and public space, carried out by the inhabitants themselves.
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We believe:

  1. Every citizen has the right to decent habitat and work.
  2. Physical transformation can be a means to social inclusion.

We evaluate the diagnosis of the area in a progressive way, we outline an Action Plan in the short-medium term with the inhabitants, in collaboration with the public administration and the organizations involved in the territory.

The nodes of the project are the following:

We analyse the problems of the habitat with its different scales, both human and space, through a participatory tour.

Transversal Training
For approaching the project in an integral way, empathic teams, professionals and trainees from different disciplines get trained.

Community Impulsion
The inhabitants of the neighbourhood will be the engines of the project in every single step for opening the zone to the city.

Public Health
We build strategies to help improving health conditions of the community by promoting healthy lifestyle.


Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Our mission is to create a habitat, more than constructing a building with rooms and objects ready to use. Unlike, we would like to create dynamic living spaces with evolving relationships inside the community, welcoming all inhabitants on all ages and inviting for a dialogue inside the community as well as between the neighbourhood and the city.

By contributing the regeneration of their neighbour, the inhabitants of Cemetery will be the creators of their homes; they will define their needs, they will make the decisions for their habitat, they will take an active part in constructing and creating their new lives; in all of these steps we will be there transforming their life together with them.

Project Objectives

Through a participatory and inclusive tour, improve the conditions of homes and public spaces used by vulnerable recipients, facilitating the transition to a decent, agile and resilient habitat.

Specific Objective 2 – APPROACH TO EMPLOYMENT
Contribute to the improvement of the employability conditions of the inhabitants who are interested in the world of construction. Disseminate participatory work methodologies and ecological construction techniques.

Specific Objective 3 – IMPROVEMENT IN HEALTH
Sensitize and contribute to the establishment of healthy routines that facilitate an improvement of the health conditions of the recipients, contributing to the progress of the neighborhood in matters of public health.

Specific Objective 4 – SHARE CULTURES
Promote interculturality in the city of Alicante and contribute to the opening of the cemetery neighborhood to the rest of the city, improving its image and redefining an identity through the involvement of its inhabitants.

Team and experience

We are a team of international and local associations, social workers, experts and volunteers who would like to contribute to decent habitat and work for every citizen through physical transformation. We follow an inclusive method to transform lives of citizens by collaborating with them in each step of our project.

We change the habitats in the most vulnerable areas of different cities in Europe to transform the lives of citizens for better, by taking action together with them. We want to carry our action in Alicante to transform the Cemetery and the Northern Zone.

Previous experience and the list of collaborators of the project

Arquitectura Sin Fronteras Levante is a non-governmental development organization. Led by its volunteers and partners, it works to raise awareness of situations of inequality on the basis of local cooperation and international cooperation.

QUATORZE is a non-profit association that carries out responsible conception and construction projects.

Solidarity Circle is an association with a mission that is to be a platform for any solidarity initiative and organize events to create resources for charitable projects.

We approach habitat design with its different scales, both human and spatial, through a participatory path. That is why we count on the intervention of numerous local social entities that have seen in our project an opportunity to generate a concrete change:

• Nazareth
• Gypsy Secretariat Foundation
• F.A.G.A. Comunidad Valenciana
• Cemetery and Adjacent Neighborhood Association
• New horizons for the City of Assisi.
• Platform against poverty and inequality in Alicante
• Singer-songwriters of the esplanade
• Donvet Ardid
• Department of Civil Engineering
• Department of Graphic Expression, Composition and Projects.
• Preventive Medicine and Public Health. University of Alicante.
• Practical Social Anthropology. Miguel Hernández University.
• IES Gran Vía (Institute of Secondary Education)
• IES 8 of M

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